born in 1957

PhD in research in fine arts, Tarbiat Modares University , Tehran, Iran

Master of Arts in Paining , Tarbiat Modares University , Tehran, Iran

Bachelor of Arts in Painting, University of Tehran, Iran

Member of Faculty of Fine Arts,Shahed University of Iran

Lecturer at the faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alzahra University

Lecturer at Faculty of Fine Arts, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

Layout Deigner, Graphist and Caricaturist, Etelaat Newspaper , Iran

Permanent Layout Designer , Adabestan Publications

Permanent Layout Designer, Ahl-E-Ghanam Publications

Member of Jury - Publications Festival, Iran

Permanent member of International federation of journalists

Director and curator of Tehran museum of contemporary arts

Executive Director and Cutor of Biennial of Islam World

Permanent member of Stamp Council of Iran

permanent member of Iranian Council of cultural public affairs

Permanent member of Sculpturers - Iranian ministry of Culture

Permanent member of Iranian academy of Arts

Curator of Painting Biennial of Islam World

Jury of 1st Iranian Drawing Biennial

Jury of 5th Iranian Painting Biennial

Jury of France Triennial of Painting

exhibiting in more than 80 different countries abroad

Winner of First prize in Netherland’s International Drawing Competition

Winner of First prize - Tokyo’s International Fine Arts Competition 1991 

Winner of Painting competition in New York - 2001 

publishing different articles on Iranian and global arts and culture

Curator of Iranian garden exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Workshop and exhibition in Peking national Library

Drawing Workshop and exhibition at Kuwait Museum of Contemporary art

Exhibition in Morocco accompanied by Mr. Aydin Aghdashloo & Mr. Masoud Arabshahi

attending in more than 280 different exhibitions all around the globe in countries like Japan, USA, Canda, Poland, England, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, China, Kuwait, Netherlands, Russia and etc.